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What is CSCS?

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) was established in 1995 by the major stakeholders in the construction industry with the aim of reducing accidents and driving up quality. The Scheme has proved highly successful and over a million CSCS cards have now been issued. Your CSCS card is proof of your competence and health and safety awareness for working on construction sites in the UK. 


A CSCS card offers a simple and effective way of checking that staff are competent and aware of health and safety issues. This not only safeguards the wellbeing of staff and their colleagues on site, it also helps to improve the efficiency and productivity of the industry as a whole. Employers are increasingly turning to CSCS as a benchmark of quality, and some will not allow workers access to their sites without a CSCS card.

In-house Test Centre

In order to meet the increasing market demand for CSCS trained operatives we have opened our own in-house CSCS Test Centre, we are now able to offer a cost-effective testing service to businesses or individuals in the industry.

CSCS and you

Using our CSCS Test Centre is simple, fast, and efficient:

  • We can provide a copy of the CSCS revision booklet to help you prepare.
  • We can offer training and support session(s) prior to you taking the test if necessary.
  • Once you feel you're ready to sit the test let us know and we will arrange a convenient test date for you.
  • When you pass you will receive your pass certificate. You can then apply for your card.

For further information and costs or to book your test contact us